YOUWELL gadgets for fans of healthy lifestyle!
Youwell gadgets help you to check easily your personal health condition and improve the quality of your life.
All gadgets work in the same way. They get the information from, your body and transfer these data to your smartphone into the specially developed mobile applications.

Youwell SmartBand

Smart fitness tracker Youwell SmartBand calculates the number of steps you made during a day, kilometers walked and calories burned. During the night it tracks the quality of your sleep.
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You can check your recent activity data on the LED display of your SmartBand and in the application TrackMe.

Youwell SmartTonometer

Youwell SmartTonometer measures your blood pressure and heart rate and shows this data on the display of device. At the same time, it sends the measurement history to your smartphone.
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Track the changes of your health parameters; make blood pressure and heart rate charts using the mobile applications TestMe and Youwell.

Youwell SmartScales

The scales transfer automatically the data of your measurements to the app on your smartphone, where you can see your results for any period you want. Make charts, set goals and track the achieved results together with Youwell.
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You can find all the changes in the history and statistics of your weight measurements in WeightMe App.

Youwell Smart Heart Rate Monitor

We offer Youwell Smart Heart Rate Monitor for sport and fitness fans. It will record the changes in your heart rate during your training and transfer the data to your smartphone using the wireless Bluetoth connection.
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Complete information and your heart rate review during and after the training – all this is available in the application PulseMe.