About Us

Youwell is an international project combining the latest technology with healthcare methods.
The Company has been active since 2011.
The technological HealthPlanner © IT platform was developed first and became the basis for subsequent development of Company services.
The Youwell business approach is to create a user healthcare “ecosystem” in a digital environment.

The Youwell ecosystem has two key components:

  • Healthcare mobile applications
  • Wireless medical devices synchronized with mobile applications: smart fitness wristbands, blood pressure monitors, scales, and much more.
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Online health
products store

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Wellness mobile

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Mobile medical and
fitness devices

All Youwell ecosystem elements are connected. A mobile application user can place an order in the online store. An online store customer can download mobile applications. The user of a smart fitness wristband uses the Youwell mobile applications to store wristband data, while the wristband is sold, among others, in the Youwell online store.

The company goal is international presence within the framework of this approach. Currently, the online store works in Russia, mobile medical devices are also sold in Russia. Mobile applications are available in five languages worldwide, which means that they are currently used in various countries from Brazil to Australia.

The Youwell team works in a number of countries:
  • Management, marketing and sales: Russia (Moscow) and Israel
  • Development: Belarus (Minsk); Latvia (Riga)
  • Design: Latvia (Riga)

The Youwell project grows every month, improving its product quality and expanding its user base and geographical presence.